Library Displays

light pink banner reads library displays with bookstack on left and cat on right

I love doing displays at my library to highlight different books in our collection! On this section of my website, you can find information about displays I’ve done at my library as well as resources to recreate these at your library, bookstore, classroom, etc.

For my displays, I typically design a standard letter-sized flyer (8.5 X 11 inches, but you can also resize it if you want something bigger like a poster!) that can be printed and placed on a bulletin board or in an acrylic sign holder. Then, I pick out some YA books that go with the theme, and that’s about it! The below posts include free printable PDFs for the displays as well as a list of books to go with them. Feel free to use these resources!

If you do use these displays, feel free to tag me in pictures on Instagram (@bookslibrariesalsocats) or on Twitter (@AriReadIt) so I can see!

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Happy reading! Ari