Library Display | Disney+ Book Edition

Copy of Will You Be My Best Man_.png

Like most of the world, the teens at my library are OBSESSED with Disney+! And I’ll be honest: so am I. You best believe I now spend my weekends watching Lizzie McGuire and all of the Disney Channel Original Movies from my childhood (yep, Don’t Look Under the Bed is just as scary as I remember!).

And, obviously, Baby Yoda is my favorite thing in the whole entire universe. If you don’t feel the same way, then sorry but you’re a MONSTER.

Of course, I decided I needed to capitalize on the Disney+ obsession by doing a library display, including a flyer featuring Baby Yoda himself. This display was so fun and easy to do, because there are so many different books you can include: books from the Marvel-verse, Star Wars novelizations, books featuring Disney characters, and even just ones that have a Disney vibe (fairytales, retellings, and royalty!).



(Alphabetical by author)



This list is just a small selection; there are so many others that fit the theme! This is a great chance to highlight diverse works from queer and/or POC authors that have been excluded from Disney works in the past.

If you use my display ideas, I’d love to see pictures! Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see them.

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