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IMG_20200319_150847Hi! My name is Ari and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a teen services librarian, book blogger, and bookstagrammer.  I’m queer & biracial (I primarily identify as Filipino-American and Jewish) and am here first and foremost for diverse #OwnVoices books. YA literature and teen library services are my passions, but I also love middle grade fiction, graphic novels, and romance! 

My job is awesome because it lets me teach people how to use technology, talk to teens about the newest YA books, make fun displays, lead crafts, and do all sorts of programs–from ordinary book clubs to zombie escape rooms.

If I’m not at the library, I’m probably petting a cat, reading a YA contemporary, crafting, scouring the internet for book-print novelty dresses, eating cheese, or hiking.

IMG_20200403_144239_1I’m the proud cat-mom to Ringlefinch, (but we mostly call him Finch!), a sweet orange tabby with a freckled nose, a tendency to steal any food he can, and a desperate need for chin scritches. He is the light of my life!

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