Library Display | LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

One of my favorite parts of being a librarian is doing book displays at my library! Here on my blog, I love sharing the behind the scenes of my displays, including everything you need to recreate the displays. If you’re a library worker, teacher, or bookseller, feel free to use this to make a display of your own!

Note: I am an affiliate of and will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase via the links in this post. This is a way to support indie bookstores & the work I put into this blog! It’s appreciated, but never expected.

About the display

Hi friends! It’s my favorite time of year: LGBTQIA+ Pride Month! Both as a queer individual and a teen services librarian, this month is super important to me. It’s a chance to celebrate queer identities and also acknowledge our struggles and our paths to resistance.

Finding ways to celebrate Pride Month at my library is really important to me, because I want queer & questioning teens to know that they are valued and safe. One way to do this is with a Pride Month book display! I always look forward to this display each year because it’s basically an excuse to highlight all of my favorite queer YA books.

My display includes a letter-sized flyer in an acrylic sign holder, accompanied by lots of queer YA books. Want to recreate it? You can download my flyer below for free, and you can resize it and print larger to work for your library space.

But also, remember that you can & should celebrate queer books all year round! Don’t wait until June to hype these books up. Include them in other displays, reading lists, and book clubs–because our stories are valid and beautiful every day of the year.

suggested books to include

(Alphabetical by author)

This list is just a small selection; there are so many others that fit the theme! There are so many incredible LGBTQIA+ books out there for teens (but we still need more, of course!).

If you use my display ideas, I’d love to see pictures! Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see them.

Happy reading! Ari

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