Library Haul | May 24, 2020

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“Library Haul” is my weekly post where I share all the things I brought home from the library this week! One of my favorite things about being a librarian is bringing home stacks of exciting new reads: books I snagged as soon as they hit the “New arrivals” shelf, hidden gems I stumbled upon in the stacks, or digital books I found on Libby. Even though I don’t always get through all the reads I bring home, I’m excited to share them!

Since my libraries are still closed, I’ll only be sharing digital check-outs!

Happy reading! (6)

I already finished listening to Beach Read, which I really enjoyed! I’ve been meaning to read When Kismet Would Have It since it was released, and since 10 Things I Hate About Pinky is coming up this seemed like a perfect time. This Coven Won’t Break is one of my most anticipated sequels & I’m so excited it’s here!

All of my audiobooks & ebooks this week were checked out via Libby by Overdrive. If you haven’t used Libby before, I highly recommend seeing if your local library offers this ebook & audiobook service!

Did you check out anything from your local library this week?

Happy reading! Ari

2 thoughts on “Library Haul | May 24, 2020

  1. I’ve never tried trying out digital materials from the library. Honestly getting to go on outings to the local library was really important to me and even though I have a million books at home, not getting to go visit it has been a bit depressing. I even have dreams about the library a lot. 😛


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