Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2020

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Hi! I’ve been posting vary sparingly on my blog over the last month, but I’m working on getting back into my regular schedule. I think like many folks, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last month reflecting on how I use my platform, which books I’m reading and promoting, and the voices I’m amplifying.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you know that my focus has always been on reading & promoting diverse books (specifically #OwnVoices books by queer & POC authors) but that does not mean that I’m done with the work. One of the things I’ve spent the last few weeks doing is more critically examining the books I’ve read & promoted, and coming up with an action plan for my blog moving forward. That’s still in progress, so for now, here’s the books I read in June.

Young Adult



graphic novels & comics


Format break-down

In June, I read a total of 10 books. Here’s the format that I read them in:

  • 6 were audiobooks checked out from my library (via Hoopla or Libby)
  • 4 were eBooks
    • 3  were eARCs
    • 1 was checked out from my library (via Hoopla or Libby)


What was your favorite book you read in June? What steps have you taken to examine your reading? If you’re a non-Black blogger/book reviewer, what steps will you take to support Black authors & reviewers?

Happy reading! Ari

3 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2020

  1. All of your YA list is on my TBR! I’m really going to have to work hard to get everything read in July. I think August is a slower month for releases, so I have time to catch up before the September/October block hits.


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