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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where book bloggers are invited to share their top ten lists centered on a certain theme.

This week I’m sharing books that deserve more love! One of my favorite parts of being a librarian is helping to get books in the hands of the right readers, and I especially love promoting underrated books that deserve more attention.

My Top ten



1. A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard: This YA romance with disability rep and anxiety rep is so sweet and it’s one of the first-love books that I think best shows consent. Totally deserves more hype!


2. Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance edited by Bethany C. Morrow: I adore this diverse anthology about resistance, featuring some of my favorite authors! Anthologies don’t get enough love, and this is one everyone should read.


3. The Birds, the Bees, and You and Me by Olivia Hinebaugh: A YA contemporary that deals with sexual health? This book should be read by all teens! I love that it’s about fighting back against abstinence-only school regimes and taking your health into your own hands.


4. Things Jolie Needs to do Before She Bites It by Kerry Winfrey: Kerry is one of my favorite authors, and all of her books deserve lots of love! This YA contemporary is such a perfect story of loving yourself and figuring out what you want.


5. The Closest I’ve Come by Fred Aceves: This book deals with toxic masculinity and finding different kinds of love within and outside of yourself. It deserves more attention and I always recommend it to teens at my library!


6. Color Outside the Lines edited by Sangu Mandanna: Another anthology that truly deserves more hype! I love that this YA anthology is full of different authors across genres writing about interracial love.


7. Home and Away by Candice Montgomery: Okay, I absolutely love that the main character is a black girl who plays football on a boys’ team! There’s so much to love in this YA contemporary about family, identity, and self-discovery and it should definitely have more readers.


8. Analee in Real Life by Janelle Milanes: I’m obsessed with this fake-dating YA rom com with #OwnVoices Cuban-American rep, and you should be too!


9. Like Water by Rebecca Podos: I absolutely adore this beautiful yet heartbreaking YA summer romance featuring a Latina main character who works as a mermaid performer. Plus it’s queer, sex-positive, and deals with chronic illness!


10. Quiver by Julia Watts: This YA novel about a nonbinary teen and a teen from a deeply religious family forging an unlikely friendship definitely deserves more attention. Julia Watts does a great job of approaching two very different communities with respect & care!


What books do you think deserve more love?

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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books that deserve more love

  1. A Quiet Kind of Thunder is next up on my TBR for me and I heard it had good disability and anxiety rep so I was already excited, but knowing that you loved it makes me even more excited!!
    I haven’t heard of any of the other books on your list, but they all sound amazing and I definitely need to check them out!
    Your blog is so beautiful btw, I adore the way you formatted this post!
    Happy Reading! ❤


  2. I was so excited for Color Outside the Lines last year but was a little sad when most of the stories were so–depressing. As someone who’s been in an interracial relationship, and has a brother, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law in interracial relationships, I had been hoping for more uplifting stories. But I suppose that it’s a good start that people are talking about them.

    I haven’t read the rest of these but I love the recommendations!


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