Top Ten Tuesday | Characters I Wish I were besties with


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where book bloggers are invited to share their top ten lists centered on a certain theme.

This week’s theme is characters I’d love to be besties with! I love character-driven stories, so this was a super fun theme to think about. 


1. Wilder from “Misfit City” because she takes her friends on wild adventures! Plus she cares about her community and making a difference. 



2. Kimi from “I Love You So Mochi” because she’s super creative and loves making unique outfits for her friends! She makes a candy wrapper dress for her BFF and I aspire to that level of extra-ness.



3. Emoni from “With the Fire on High” because she’s a bomb chef who will gladly cook up a magical meal for her friends. Food is obviously the way to my heart!



4. Zan from “If You’re Out There” because she won’t give up on her friends and will do whatever it takes to help them. Zan refuses to believe that her BFF has ghosted her, and she’s going to find her, no matter what others say. 



5. Annabelle from “Girls on the Verge” because she believes in girls supporting girls above all else! Annabelle takes a roadtrip with a girl she hardly knows to help her get an abortion. 



6. Holland from “Cold Day in the Sun” because she’s a strong feminist athlete who fights for what she wants! She’s the only girl on a boys hockey team and I would love to soak up her bravery.



7. Claudia from “Monday’s Not Coming” because she won’t rest until she knows her friends are okay. When her friend Monday disappears, Claudia won’t give up looking for her.



8. Mariam from “I Wish You All the Best” because they are so supportive and do so much to care for other queer folks! Even living far apart, they are soooo there for Ben through the whole book.



9. Vivian from “Moxie” because she’s an inspiration to fight back against injustices! Vivian starts a feminist revolution at her school and encourages other girls to get involved.



10. Chet from “Moonstruck” just because he’s an adorable centaur bestie that you can’t help but love!


What book character do you wish you were besties with?

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