It’s Monday! What are you reading? March 18, 2019

“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date. The folks at Teacher Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers have given #IMWAYR a new lens by focusing on books for kids & teens. Check out their blogs to see what they’re reading!





I didn’t get through as many books as I was hoping last week, but I really enjoyed all three of the books I finished! Cold Day in the Sun was amazing and is definitely one of my new favorite YA romances!




37868569We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia

I loved Tehlor’s story in Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women and Witchcraft and have been eager to read more from her ever since! Since I’m mostly a contemporary reader and tend to have a hard time getting into fantasy reads, I’m listening to the audiobook version of this one.

I’m about a third of the way through this book and loving it! I adore Dani and Carmen and cannot wait to see how the story progresses. I’m planning on doing a lot of listening this week because I’m soooo looking forward to this one! I already have a feeling that I’m going to love it and that Tehlor will be a favorite author of mine.


40519254Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson was one of the very first YA authors I was aware of, and instantly became one of my favorite authors after I read Prom in fifth grade. As I moved to middle school, I discovered Speak, which forever sealed her spot as one of my all-time favorite authors. I was so honored to meet Laurie a couple years ago, and my signed copy of Speak is one of my most cherished books.

I’m so grateful that she’s gifted readers with Shout, and after starting it today, I’m already hooked! I also currently have the audiobook checked out (narrated by Laurie herself!) and will likely switch back and forth between them.


What are you reading this week?

3 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? March 18, 2019

  1. I can’t wait to read Small Town Hearts! I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I totally agree about how hard it is to read fantasy when all you read is contemporary hahahahahaha. I’m reading Tattered by Devney Perry at the moment though 🙂


  2. I am reading a book an expat wrote who lived for 10 years in Saudi Arabia. A look inside one of the most secret countries in the world and also a thriller.


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