April 2019 Wrap-up

Welcome to my monthly wrap-up post, where I share all the books I’ve read this month! Despite April being a busy month, I was able to get through 17 books! There are so many good ones coming out in May, so I’m hoping to read even more!

Here’s what I read:

TBR (4)


TBR (5)


TBR (6)





TBR (1)

Here’s how I read my books in April:

  • 7 were ARCs
  • 9 were audiobooks (from the Libby app)
  • 1 was a library book


What was your favorite book you read in April?

2 thoughts on “April 2019 Wrap-up

  1. Ooooh, what a great reading month! I am so impressed by how well you knock out your ARCs. I wish I could be like, “do you have a secret?!”, but I think it’s safe to guess that you’re just much more disciplined than I am at reading them on time. 😬😂💗


    1. Omg Destiny you’re so sweet!! I always feel like I’m behind on reading, there are so many great books it’s impossible to get to all of them! Honestly the biggest thing that helps me get through ARCs is that I try to get to work early and use that as my designated reading time. My partner is in grad school so I also usually try to read whenever he’s doing his school work. I also don’t have many hobbies other than reading lol

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