Year of the Asian | 2019 Reading Challenge


Happy 2019! This year, in my ongoing goal to read diversely, I’ve decided to join in on the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge! This awesome reading challenge encourages readers to pick up books by Asian authors in 2019, and is hosted by these wonderful bloggers:


Please check out Vicky’s post here (or visit any of the other bloggers’ sites!) if you’re interested in learning more about the challenge or want to join in! Also, I’m obsessed with the amazing graphics CW made for this reading challenge.

1elmpicWhen you sign up, you can select the challenge level that you’re aiming for. In 2018, I read about 30 books written by Asian authors, and I’d definitely like to increase that number while leaving time to read plenty of books from other marginalized communities as well. So, I’m shooting for the Giant Panda level, which is 31 to 40 books!

I’m really excited to get join in on this challenge, and have read 2 books by Asian authors so far in 2019. Thank you so much to CW, Lily, Shealea, and Vicky for hosting this challenge!

I hope you’ll all consider joining in on the challenge, too!





  1. The House that Lou Built by Mae Respicio
  2. Internment by Samira Ahmed
  3. Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert’s Story by Debbie Tung
  4. Book Love by Debbie Tung
  5. The Young Elites by Marie Lu